Table of Contents

1 Various Hyperlinks

Here is a collection of websites which i had saved while exploring the
internet, a lot of them might not work since i started collecting
around 2016. Most of the links are either;

  • Programming related, or imageboards / fringe websites.

1.6 Forums | Imageboards | Social [UP as of 2021:06:01] (Offers games and a forum) [UP as of 2021:06:29] (ShitPosting Imageboard with pol & b characteristics) (Very comfy radio site, used to have imageboards) (YTCrackers forum) (Mail provider)

1.8 Information | Freedom of Information

1.9 Cybernetics

1.11 Misc | Unsorted | Random,
Wikimedia: Gustave Dore - Inferno
Practice typing speed
Jakub Rozalski (art)
Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery
Youtube: Kernel Basics
Youtube: Linux And Windows Kernel Comparison
Youtube: (Tutorial) Building the Simplest Possible Linux System
Brave Keybindings
Puppet Zone
Pictures of Stallman in Sweden
Warrior Forum + The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace
Forums + Niggas in Space

30XX Small bot-driven radio by prettyboytellem
CST Trackball Rad trackball which is programmable, aestetic and
considered the best trackball by many hackers
HHKB (Happy hacking keyboard) Nice topre keyboard using the old
UNIX layout (English) considered the best by all hipster hackers
Blame! Surreal Manga, very based Internet Engineering Task Force IETE Standard Tools and Protocols
onedollarhotel youtube 【100円ホテル】
In exchange for being
able to stay at a low price, guest’s room is broadcasted live on
YouTube for 24 hours.